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55 inches for £600


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Hi all,

I’m on the lookout for something to replace my KDL46X3000, which must be 10-12 years old now and is developing some significant issues. Each month it seems a new line appears on the screen, so it’s on its way out but I don’t know who’s deciding when - it or me!

I’m looking for a 55in and have set a budget of £500-£600.

I’ve read some guides and threads on here and have way more knowledge than this time last week, but still nowhere near enough to make an ‘informed’ choice.

As a family we watch ‘normal’ TV through Sky (on HD channels where available) and Disney DVDs, and that’s pretty much it. We don’t game, we watch chick-flicks occasionally and sport infrequently.

The lounge is a modest size, is bright during the day and viewing angles are narrow.

With discount season approaching I’d like to take advantage of price reductions but I’m not even sure where to start.

Given our basic requirements can we go wrong with any choice at this price point?

I’m drawn to the Samsung UE55TU8500 but only because it meets both price and size requirements, no other reason. And I gather there’s a panel lottery with that brand/size but does that matter to a TV Philistine such as myself, with such simple needs?

I guess I’m after reasons to avoid the above, and/or recommendations for alternatives to consider, but what would be most helpful is the reasons why.

Over to the experts, thank you in advance.


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Did you come to a conclusion on which panel type is best for your viewing conditions? If you don't mind which one you end up with there's nothing wrong with the Samsung.
Initially I was drawn to VA because of the narrow angles and the better blacks, but perhaps IPS will be the better choice for anti-glare. It really feels like I could toss a coin.

Thanks for your response 👍


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Where’s the best place to compare specs?

I was thinking, instead of going for the TU8500 why don’t I go for the TU7100 and save myself 25%?!


There's remarkably little difference between all:

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