55 inch OLED’s vesa hole positions


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Hi do all 55 inch models have the vesa holes in the same place roughly on different manufacturers sets? I intend to buy one soon but want to mount my existing 42 inch Panny plasma TV on the wall do the wiring etc then when I decide what I want fit that onto the bracket. Thanks for any help, info or advice.


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Different brands have their mounting holes in quite different locations.
It is quite likely that you will have to move the bracket position for a new 55” TV.
Good news is:- the bigger TV will cover the previous mounting holes.

Have a look at some different TVs in your nearest department store and take a tape measure. Most user manuals don’t specify exactly where the mounting holes are.

LG TVs quite often have the holes all in the lower half of the TV where it is much thicker.
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Thanks I have had a look at a few pics online & they all seem to be 300x300 vesa & in quite similar locations, maybe an inch or two higher on some makes I am concsidering. So I will prob go to Currys for a physical look just to be sure. Gonna then make a cardboard template with 55 inch tv dimensions & mark the OLED vesa holes & fit my bracket according to that. That should give me a better chance of it being right when I pull the trigger & get one.

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