55 Inch 4K TV Shootout (Sony, Samsung, Philips)


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Hi All,
My 6 year old 42 inch Philips Essence TV just died last week, and so I need to buy a new one before the start of the Rugby World Cup! The TV will be for predominantly every day use and broadcast TV/sport watching. Movie/cinema and Xbox360 gaming is only a minor concern for specific 4K content (e.g. Amazon TV) as otherwise I watch movies/games on a projector set-up, though only in HD (expanded out to 150" !).

I'm stuck in Switzerland, where it's difficult to get comparisons with standard broadcast images (as you can in John Lewis), or exactly the same model number (in the case of Samsung), as well as that my French isnt great! Though on the whole TV's are much cheaper here than in the UK.

So I have narrowed down the choice to 4 after researching and visiting what shop is available to me nearby:
1. Sony KD-55X8505B - CHF1000 = £670
I was impressed by the image (from what I could tell), and the design of the tv, but unimpressed by the glare of the lights overhead off the screen. But the price is great... However with my limited understanding of the assistant in French I am told this is now last years model (hence the price), and that I shouldnt buy it because it doesn't have all the tuners inbuilt to run 4k resolution content, and that the new model is 800Hz rather than the 200Hz of this one, though i cant imagine that really matters.....

2. Sony KD-55X8505C - CHF 1400 = £935
This is the "new model" and I'm told has all the tuners and bells and whistles. Research says it has a different panel technology from the 8505B going from IPS to VA. However, the displayed content I had access to was completely different, and the TV seemed a bit dull compared to those around it and i wasnt drawn to it, despite the assistant saying its the best of the bunch and better than the Samsung or Philips.

3. Samsung UE55JU7080 - CHF 1300 = £870
Again completely different content displayed (samsung display images). The picture seemed good, and certainly a content to sell this TV over the 8505C in that shop. However the build quality and design is not as appealing as Sony. I dislike the stand which is a long bar at the bottom, and would look a bit more odd on the glass pedestal I would have it placed on (which is only marginally wider than the bar, and I want to angle the TV a bit in one direction too).

4. Philips 55PUS9109 (CHF 1600 = £1070) or 55PUS7909 (CHF 1300 = £870) or 55PUS7180 (CHF 1500 = £1000) or 55PUS8809 (CHF 1000 = £1000)
Philips to me have the best designs of all, their bezels are half the size even of Sony, and look well finished, with simple yet attractive stands. They all have ambilight which is a bit gimmicky but might be fun once in a while. The pictures to me look subtle and natural - the 9109 in the shop looked lovely. But, firstly I struggle to find any english reviews, and secondly, I've had a warning about their reliability (not to mention that my old Philips picture just went after only 6 years).
So i know very little about the Philips options, other than that the 9109 in the shop really drew me. The other lesser models - no clue what is what!

5. Panasonic, I know equally little about, they are meant to be good, but I dont know where to start, and that shop is not the place!

So to roundup, will the new Sony 8505C really be a better buy than the older 8505B, and has anyone experience of Philips reliability, or an opinion on which of these options is best?

Many thanks


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Sony 55x809 very good
Pana 55cx700 very good
Samsung j7000 very good
If you have more cash, pana cx800 anyday


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to be honest, even if you were in the UK, it wont make a difference,

viewing in shop is absolutely useless, they have selected material on display, and lighting is too high to make you appreciate it.


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I have the Philips 9109 and am loving the screen when it is fed with HD from my freesat box, at first when watching match of the day I wasn't very happy but tweaked the settings (watch most in game mode now) and it is very impressive. I've watched the 4K stuff on YouTube and have been mighty impressed but am now waiting for my nvidia shield to arrive to get Netflix 4K. Of your options I'd probably go for the Sony as it is the most modern and will have all the decoder chips inside whereas the Philips doesn't.

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