55" gaming TV......here we go again!!


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Hi folks......that time of year again when I'm on the hunt for a new TV lol!!

I ended up getting a 65" Sony XG9505 from my local Sony store (via refurb centre). Set was basically brand new, had something like 2hrs use and that was the Sony store checking it for me prior to delivery.

So all good. Well pleased and it's in my living room with the JBL 9.1 PS4 pro and Xbox s. Gets lots of varied use and I love it.

Now.......my music studio/gaming room is in the process of getting a revamp. Parts for a new PC all bought and looking a new centre piece TV/monitor. I want a new TV for gaming and I'll use a multi TV/monitor setup for production work.

The current price of a 55" Sony X900H is superb. Was initially put off this TV but have read lots of user reviews and people generally seem delighted with their purchase. Hopefully Sony get the VRR update sorted soon!! Will this TV play 1440p/120hz no bother?

Any other considerations? Q80T, Q90T or BX/CX? Don't want to go mad on price. Paid £949 for the XG95 last year and was delighted with that.......the X900H 55" at something around the £549 is pretty superb IMO. I know there are a plethora of threads but really looking bang for buck and wondering if it's still a case of holding off for further price drops of last years stock or is it right to go now........

Thanks for any advice, as always guys, much appreciated.


The XH90 has a problem with blur in 120hz mode. May be fine for gaming without small text at that refresh rate, but of application or browsing use you will probably want to run the TV at 60hz.

I'd suggest the Samsung Q80T instead, but of course you'll have to spend more for a new TV, but it will accept a 120hz signal without blur.

For up close usage you may have to think about viewing angles. TVs that use VA panels have very narrow viewing angles, so if you view up close the sides of the TV can look washed out.

You may also think about waiting for 2021 models to be released and for their prices to come down (usually first time to consider buying is Black Friday) because TVs may solve a lot of the problems associated with VRR by then:


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Oh.....didn't know that about the blur!! And that is something that has bothered me as I love PES football and any ghosting in that would drive me mad.

Angles aren't really an issue.

Yeah, I'd hope that any 2.1 issues will be sorted for the upcoming batch. Would love there to be one new TV that is a bargain from the start and offers all the specs needed plus a good, solid TV experience. Every year there always seems to be "something" that is an issue!!

Thanks for your help mate, you were invaluable last summer when I was looking around. Hope you and all the family are well. Cheers.


Its not motion blur that is the problem, its a static blur on the entire image when in 120hz mode.

There won't be a new TV that is a bargain from the start because TVs are always overpriced at launch. Only chance of that would be if Hisense/TCL release one, as they don't inflate prices on their new TVs quite the same as others.

With brands like Sony/Samsung you'd be looking at waiting for the prices to come down, which means waiting quite some time. Probably Black Friday or later.


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Thanks Dodge.

Problem is they all seem to have a few issues and another year of waiting........c'mon manufacturers ***!!

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