55 FHD to 65 UHD upgrade?


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Hi all

Just looking for some advice. Currently have a LG 55” FHD (55LB630V) that I bought 2 years ago. It’s out of warranty and been thinking about an upgrade potentially to a 4K set.

We currently sit about 10ft from the TV. 2 years ago I didn’t look into UHD because of the viewing distance. Now had confirmation from the Mrs I can go up to 65. In fact she won’t accept anything less now her mind is on it! :laugh:

Because of the viewing distance I’m thinking bigger is better.

I’ve been looking at the low price range around 700-800. Hisense seem to be coming in at the price point with HDR compatible TVs, which I understand are a marketing ploy. From research, I think I’m expecting to not get HDR for this price range. But thinking a new set would be an upgrade nevertheless. In answer to the questions:

  1. We have fibre internet capable of UHD streams and my dad’s family Netflix is upgraded to 4K, so have Netflix 4K capabilities. I also have an Xbox One and am tempted to upgrade to the one x if it will be worth it.
  2. Currently mostly HD usage. (90%) Once possile, Netflix usage will be UHD. Gaming and blu ray player on the xbox. Some SD where air channels not available. (10%) Stream sky go through my xbox but think this only supports HD streams.
  3. Movies (50%) sport (25%) console games (25%)
  4. Sit 10 ft away and that is where sofa is. Possible to go closer and I do when I am gaming.
  5. Straight on only
  6. Room is naturally very dark as basement flat with a window but minimal light. Makes great for cinema style viewing during the day!
  7. Current TV is above. Expectations are bigger screen and better picture quality for Netflix and gaming etc.
I’ve seen the Hisense 65n5750 for sale at RS for 699 but can’t find much about it.
Any other recommendations/thoughts appreciated! Cheers


Can you find the Hisense 65N6800 still at around £800? I wouldn't want to go lower than that model personally otherwise you are taking a gamble with quality.

Outside option would be the Panasonic 65EX700 or Sony 65XE70xx series but those are usually more expensive.

Are you open to the idea of a refurb? You can probably find a good price on the Panasonic 65EX700 if one pops up at £850 again on their refurb shop on eBay.

Sony centre direct also have a refurb section if you want to look at the XE70 instead.


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Thanks for your reply.

The Hisense 6800 - RS seem to have some in stores for 779 but cannot see their availability. (Alternatively refurb on eBay for 699)

Definitely open to refurbished, bought my last one RS refurb and its been great.

Refurb Panasonic TX-65EX600B for 699

I can also find the Samsung MU6100 and 6400 for 799 refurb

A few options opening up in the refurn space.


You will want to stick to the options I mentioned to be sure of getting a VA panel. The Samsung MU and Panasonic EX6 series will likely be using IPS type panels instead, something you want to avoid if you don't need wide viewing angles.

The Panasonic eBay store is worth a shot, £850 for an EX700 isn't bad at all if you can stretch to it.
The Hisense at that price refurbished is good too, provided its from a good seller.

But the best option is if you can get an N6800 new from RS, maybe calling them asking where has stock. Then you'd get their free 6 year warranty too if you sign up to VIP club.

Others will be just a 1 year warranty.
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