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So, I am currently using a UE40ES6900 which I've been very happy with. However due to a nice PPI refund I'm looking to upgrade to a 55" (the size I feel will be the sweet spot in our front room).
I have a budget of around £1000 and I get the impression that will not get me in to the latest OLED technology.
At this very moment in time, UHD content will be limited. However I do not replace TV's every other year, so during it's life with me, UHD will definitely be used.

The KS7000 has been recommended to me as a "go to " TV in this situation. I see it started off life as a near £1500 unit and in 55" guise can currently be had for around £850.
I will be buying within the next two months (awaiting a floor to be re-done before purchase) so obviously if there is anything new on the near-horizon I'd be interested to know.
I've only ever owned Samsung & Sony TV's since I first moved over to LCD - but I am not adverse to looking at other brands.
However I'd like the unit to either come with at least a 5yr warranty or be from a manufacturer who will sell me one.

Won't be wall-mounted, certainly not initially.
Curved - is this a fad or a waste of time? Or does it make a difference? For better or for worse?
I'm seeing lots of places offering the MU series of televisions over the KS - is MU replacing KS? So maybe I won't find a KS7000 available anywhere?

I think that just about covers it. I haven't had the chance to read through all of the other threads here, so I'm sorry if this is a very generic "spec me a TV" post. Appreciate your responses.
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If you're in no hurry then it's worth waiting until the end of November for the price drops on the 2017 models. I'm not sure how much stock of the 2016 models will be left at the start of august, several have already disappeared.

A curve is mostly to make the TV look more stylish but it's generally a fashion that's passed now with only a few models still available.


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If you're in no hurry then it's worth waiting until the end of November for the price drops on the 2017 models. I'm not sure how much stock of the 2016 models will be left at the start of august, several have already disappeared.

A curve is mostly to make the TV look more stylish but it's generally a fashion that's passed now with only a few models still available.

So that I can keep an eye on the 2017 models and their prices - which ones are the 2017 models?



You can afford an OLED in the FHD 910v LG. Better pq overall than the Samsung for SDR and SD material on a FHD tv vs UHD.

Curved doesn't really matter either way, people don't seem to like it but if anything there's a little more immersion, better reflections and viewing angles on curved tv's vs flat. Although so small are the differences it's really not worth thinking about.

What is great is because people tend not to like them you can get some amazing deals on curved tv's.

The MU replaces the KU series, Samsung's Q series are more similar to the KS series but oddly they decided in 2017 that there would be a big gap in price between models.


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the curve on the 910v is more subtle than most and as someone with this Tv who thought curved was a gimmick... isn't. It does actually work and stops the light from my bay windows bouncing off the TV.

the 910v is a great buy if you aren't bothered or don't need UHD ( no content worth watching for some of us)


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I am in same boat. KS7000 unobtainable curved 7500 still about. I would like to read a few reviews of the MU series before buying one. The UE55MU6500 is at JL for £1099 but is available for £885 so with a price match a good deal. Also there is the £100 cashback from Samsung for trading in an old 32inch or bigger. Now where is that old Panasonic of mine I knew would come in handy some day.


The new MU series will perform much the same as the KU series. Considering you can get some KU tv's for almost half the price of the new MU range that tells you a lot about their value.

The real value is found in searching for a 2016 tv like the KS series. Otherwise all the 2017 models are overpriced to what they are.

A low range 2017 model is not going to compare to a mid range 2016 model. TV's don't develop that fast.


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So we've got a host of 2016 models which started out life as £1500+ devices, such as the KS series. We do have an equivalent set of 2017 models, something from the Q series, however there is no easy way to say that the 7000 is similar to this Q model and the 8000 is similar to that Q model.
We've got price decreases on the 2016 KS models - however the 7000 appears to be in very short supply and the 8000 not that much easier.

So somebody like myself finds himself in a situation where the KS series would come under budget and offer excellent performance, but stock is just not readily available. However the new Q series also offers the same level of performance, but with no current price drops in place.

So do I need to be looking to increase my current £1000 budget to something around £1500 if I'm going to be able to secure a good performing 55" UHD (I do game via a PS4 Pro - so want the fast response rates etc)?


Its down to Samsungs QLED pricing, its a lot higher than we anticipated and more so than the KS series when they were released last year. It leaves a big gap between mid range capable HDR TVs like the Q series and low range TVs like the MU range.

They tried to fill it with the MU8000 which is indeed an improvement on the KU series last year. It has a 120hz panel so motion is better, there is no 3:2 pulldown judder unlike on the KU series (and probably the rest of the MU series) but it still doesn't match the HDR quality of the 2016 KS range as it has very limited brightness and no form of local dimming.

Luckily that gap though is filled with other TVs, of course there are limited availability on the KS series tvs now, Samsung sell a lot of tv's so the turnaround is greater, therefore they tend to be the first of the 2016 tv's brands to sell out. Some can be found here and there especially the curved KS7500 and KS9000 which I have seen a few people pick up some great deals on here.

But apart from that there are some great deals to be found in other branded 2016 tv's. The LG 2016 OLEDs for example (B6, C6) and the Panasonic DX-902.

If you aren't a gamer there is also the Sony XD93 if you can still find one.

Limited availability is a gamble to make but in my opinion now is the best time to get a bargain. You might find the 2017 TV's much cheaper come black friday, but the biggest discounts can be found now. For example people were paying £1750 (with retail discount codes/cashback already applied) for the B6 around black friday/xmas and now you can get them for £1500 with codes/cashback.

TVs like the Sony XE90 I am hoping we will see at close to the 1k mark this time next year and if the XE93 also follows suit to the XD93 it will also be reduced a lot. Its just the way it goes, by a year behind and you get the best value.


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Cheers for the replies.
With the KS7000 being pretty difficult to find, I'm going to try and see the curved screens "in the flesh" to see if they will work for me.
I think I'm also going to postpone until a little later in the year - maybe wait until October/November time when maybe we'll start seeing some reduction on other models. There is of course Black Friday & Cyber Monday to consider too - not as widespread here in the UK, but I know from previous years, deals to be had.

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