Question 55" - 65" TV for SD/HD input and £1,300 max budget? Full HD?


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Hi, I’m looking for a 55”+ TV for mainly SD/HD feed. I have a FreeSat PVR box, Now TV and Chromecast (non-ultra) and have no plans to get Netflix 4K, Amazon Prime or Sky Q. In fact, I couldn’t get Sky Q if I wanted because we have a communal feed in a listed building, which won’t be upgraded anytime soon and we can’t have individual satellite dishes installed.

I have seen some reviews of 4K TV’s that claim good SDR handling, but I’m not convinced. I’ve been to Richer Sounds and asked them to flick Sky to an SD channel (they didn’t really want to lol) and just about every set in there was horrible. Passable displays were mainly high end, smaller screen sizes where the poor output wasn’t as noticeable. I have to admit that was a year ago and I need to go back and see if much has changed.

My current TV is a Toshiba 46TL868B 46" FHD and I am satisfied with the output, but I’m looking to move it in to the playroom and get something a little bigger for the lounge. Viewing distance is 10 -12 feet (3 metres +) and viewing angle is a consideration, but not an overwhelming priority.

I started with a budget of £800 looking for an LED 1080p TV and the Samsung UE55M5520 55” FHD LED at £600 seems to fit the bill. I worry that I’ll regret not having gone for a 65” TV, but there just aren’t any 65” FHD TV’s out there.

Next, the LG 55EG9A7V 55" OLED has caught my eye at £1,200 on a Groupon deal. The OLED is blowing my budget and although the output would be nice, I can’t help thinking I’d be perfectly happy with the output of the Samsung as I can’t see it being any worse than my old Toshiba. Still, £1,200 seems a good deal, but reviews are thin on the ground.

Lastly, I’ve spotted a deal for a Sony KD-65XE8596 4K for £1,300 including a UBP-X800 4K Blu-Ray player from Sevenoaks. I’m heading over to have a look at SD footage on a 65XE9005 they have on display to decide whether I can live with the output. You might say get the XE9005, but it’s out of my already stretched budget. However, it has similar processing capability as the XE8596 so should give me a good feel for what the SD output will look like on the XE8596. At least if I don’t find it acceptable on the XE9005 I will be able to take the XE8596 out of consideration.

I would appreciate any input, feedback or suggestions.
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You are doing the right thing demoing material yourself on TVs (or trying to) but try not to make judgements in shop rooms where the settings on each TV isn't calibrated or even set in the correct picture mode. Not only that but the lighting is going to be very different to most homes. Sevenoaks should have a demo room where you can perhaps make an appointment to make better judgements.

As for the upscaling of standard definition material, DVDs are usually high enough quality to look okay but I find anything less like standard TV channels to be lackluster compared to FHD models.

But you may find that the benefits of going for a mid range UHD model apart from upscaling make up for it being worse with scaling.

Because they don't sell high end FHD LCDs anymore once you reach a certain budget you may find that the benefits of doing that offer more to you compared to going for a smaller FHD model like the M5 Samsung you had mentioned.

The A7 OLED is interesting, I haven't seen it for sale in the UK before now so I would definitely snap that up if you find the upscaling on that Sony unacceptable. You won't better that in PQ for your uses. Especially when you mention viewing angles are a nice-to-have.


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Well I just got back from Sevenoaks and I have to say I'm still disappointed with the output of SD content on 4K. This was on the XE9005 in a 55" size. The XE8596 in a 65" size will only look worse.

So I'm down to the Samsung UE55M5520 55” FHDLED at £600 or the LG 55EG9A7V 55" OLED at £1,200. Both come with manufacturer's 1 year warranty as far as I can tell, although the Samsung is £550 from Co op electrical and you can add a 3 year warranty for £45 and a 5 year warranty adds £129.

I wouldn't be overly concerned taking a risk on a £600 TV, but I wouldn't be comfortable spending £1,200 on the LG with just 1 year warranty. As far as I can tell, an aftermarket warranty would cost at least £200 and I'm not stretching my budget that far.

Looks like I'm left with the Samsung, but would still appreciate any comments.


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The A7 OLED is interesting, I haven't seen it for sale in the UK before now so I would definitely snap that up if you find the upscaling on that Sony unacceptable. You won't better that in PQ for your uses. Especially when you mention viewing angles are a nice-to-have.

Thanks for the feedback. I missed your reply as was typing. The LG is tempting indeed, just the warranty concerns me like I mentioned. I'm going to ponder things this evening and maybe sleep on it.


I'd contact LG before buying the A7 just because I'm a little concerned it may not be compatible to use in the UK. I'm not sure if they have started to sell it in the UK and haven't updated their website yet or if groupon are getting it from elsehwere and selling it in the UK.

Functions like freeview player or anything specific to the UK may not work if its a model not designed for here but really its something you will have to ask them.

Discover the LG OLED TV: 4K Ultra Slim OLED Curved TVs | LG UK

If LG mention its legit and everything you can pay for an extended warranty with them directly: LG Electronics | LG U.K.

Have you considered purchasing a second hand 65" model? There seems to be a lot of people upgrading now to the UHD bandwagon, some of which still own very nice models a few years old...although perhaps 65" is rare.

Failing that it seems the only option is the Samsung M series.

Edit* looks like groupons supplier is: | Appliances, Televisions, Watches and much more at incredible prices interestingly the website says they are eCredible Deals Ltd LTD which sounds to me like they are either affiliated with groupon with more than one product or they are the same company/owners or something.


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I will check with LG, but as you found out, the supplier is a UK registered company based in Birmingham. I'm not sure they have anything to do with Groupon though. There's only one director and he has no other appointments. Rlrdistribution also has plenty of feedback on Trustpilot and elsewhere.

Thanks for the link to the LG extended warranty. Unfortunately a 3 year extended warranty costs £250 and 4 years is £315. Second hand did cross my mind, but I'd rather buy new even with just a 1 year warranty.

I'm still thinking :)

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