55/58 inch UHD TV to match Sony KD55XE9005


We are looking to buy a new TV to replace an old Panasonic 1080p model. We spent several hours looking at TV's in our local electrical retailer and decided we liked the picture on the new Sony 55XE9005 better than the competition at that price point.

I have since found out that a friend already has this model and I have now spent a good few hours playing around with the TV at his house.

The picture really is fantastic for the price, but everything else is pretty awful.

The OS is slow, clunky, flaky and generally dreadful. There is no time shifting, and waiting over 15 seconds for the picture adjustment menu to load was the final nail in the coffin.

Which TV would people recommend to get as close to the blacks, motion and reasonable input lag of the Sony, but avoid it's awful Android TV implementation?

The Mrs would also prefer it if the TV had time shifting, Amazon Movies, Netflix and NowTV built in.

We have around £1500 to spend, but can stretch a little more for the right product.
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Are you sure your friend has the current XE90 and not the X900C from a couple of years ago?

Is HDR important?

LG and Panasonic are generally considered to have the best Smart TV systems (depending on who you ask) so the DX902 might be an option or one of LG's 2016 OLEDs like the C6 or B6.


It's the KD55XE9005bu, and yes it would be nice if the TV supported HDR.

We have had several recommendations, including the OLED LG's you mention and also the Samsung QE55Q7F with a discount and cashback @ £1799.

I'll have a look at the DX902, thanks.


No doubt about it, the LG OLEDs are best value. Only time I would consider the DX-902 over them would be if you don't mind narrow viewing angles and want extra brightness for HDR.

All the 2017 models are overpriced right now so aren't as good value.

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