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55" 4k roughly £700


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So is talking with my wife about upgrading the TV in the living room. A trust old 55W905.And she thought she was being helpful by listing it for sale. Which promptly sold and now I'm left with the dilemma of what to upgrade to. Needs to be at least 4k now otherwise not much point in changing. Watch a fair bit of footy so hopefully something with decent motion and play a fair few video games as well.

Welcoming all suggestions but was leaning towards Hisense as they seem to be the best value for money at that price point and probably not much else worth looking at in that price bracket I guess.

All help would be appreciated.


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this its what I think I may upgrade to should have the funds by black Friday for the 65 inch one
most other tvs are going be a downgrade even at 4k.
maybe this to

Sony Bravia KD65XH9005BU 65" Full Array LED 4K HDR Android TV


Try and stretch to the Sony 55XG9505 as discussed here:

£700 won't get you far at all if you are buying new. Especially now when new 2020 models are overpriced and 2019 ones out of stock. If you are thinking about 65" instead, £700 is going to buy you even less.

But its not a bad idea going bigger, as long as you understand you shouldn't be using HDR on the TV, and that motion will be a downgrade compared to your current TV.

To put it into perspective your TV sold when new for £2400 in 2013, that is around £2750 in today's money. By replacing it with a £700 TV you aren't going to get anything near as good. Tech hasn't moved on that much where £700 TVs now, despite UHD are better than much higher end TVs of old. In fact, I'm sorry to say it but I'd actually prefer to have your old TV than a model you can buy for £700 new now.


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Thanks guys. No interest in 65" to be honest. Don't have the space.

Was just aiming for 4k with HDR really. Pic quality obviously needs to be good though and motion is a big thing watching footy etc.

I've told the missus to hold fire on selling it for now based on the above but will keep an eye on the refurbs. That might be the way forward


The XG9505 can get twice as bright, has a 120hz panel, better anti reflective properties, wider viewing angles..its in a different class. Even the cheaper XF9005 is in a different class.

Edit* At 55/65 XH9505 only has wider viewing angles.
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I can only echo what's already been said. I'd keep your current set as £700 won't get you much at all, especially at the moment. All the 2019 set bargains are pretty much gone now and the 2020 sets are still pretty high in price and low in stock due to the pandemic.

I tried a Hisense and whilst it's decent for the money it wasn't a patch on my Sony's and didn't even last 24 months before developing a fault. To be fair to Hisense they credited me in less than 24 hours but it's put me off the brand.

Push the budget and get an XG9505 or wait for the XH9505 to drop in price.

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