55" 3D TV under 2 grand, D6100/ - please advise

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Hi all,

So basically I've been wanting to get the Samsung 55" D7000/D8000 to replace me aging le46M86. But I can't afford it, so got to compromise (but not on size)

the Samsung D6100, D6510, D6530 look pretty good but I'm having trouble finding reviews. Anyone know the real differences between the 6100 and 6500 series in real viewing terms? I will be using 3D and appreviate theres no microdimmming etc. Just want to be sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot.

Also wondering if the 6100 > 6530 is worth the extra £300 odd.

Any advise appreciated.

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Is the 6 series 3D? I had thought the 6 series was 2D with 100hz processing (has been previously)

Mr Fujisawa

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vickster said:
Is the 6 series 3D? I had thought the 6 series was 2D with 100hz processing (has been previously)

Yes the 2011 models are 3D


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I would say the D6100 is directly comparable with the Sony EX723, same 200hz processing and 'normal' bezel size.

The D6530 has a 12mm or so bezel (it's 5mm on the D7000 and D8000 I believe) and 400hz processing.

Both do indeed have 3d and the main differences between the models seem to be the bezel size and processing.

I have my eye on both of them but currently the 55" models are priced way too high compared to the Sony EX723.

55D6530 - ~£2000, 55D6100 - ~£1600 where the 55EX723 is £1400 from the Sony shop after the £300 trade in offer
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only review i have seen is that the 3d is on the sony is 'disappointing'. its a shame because if i knew which was better, I could make a decision now. I DO know that the samsung 3d glasses are rated higher than sony's.

Mr Fujisawa

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Thanks guys, have ordered the 55D6530 from amazon £1766. Hope its good!


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Let us know what you think of both the service from Amazon and the TV please. Interested to know how good this TV is and I might purchase the 40 / 46" version so doubly interested :smashin:

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