55" 3D TV Options


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Hi All,

I am looking at getting a 55" 3D TV and the ones I have narrowed it down to are as follows :

LG 55LW550T
SONY 55HX923

So far I have managed to try out the LG and the Sony.

I found the Sony really flickery and it started to give me a headache. The LG seemed good, but didnt manage to demo any sport on it.

Struggling to find someone to demo me the Samsung atmo.

I would be interested if other people looked at the same options and what they decided.

Also what is the difference between the LG 550 and 650?

And finally is the LG 980T that much better for the price difference?




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just bought the 55ins lg and cant fault it , watched spurs last night in 3d and was awesome , xbox no problem and all sky channels very good and i am pretty fussy:smashin:2d to 3d conversion also very good .really pleased with my new toy and fiddling with settings as you do . wouldnt look much further tbh its a cracker and 7 pairs of glasses.


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What about the philips 55"7606.


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Get the D7000, same as D8000 but 100 quid cheaper. I got one yesterday and love it.

Lord Jerec

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I have the 650T, love it, but I must admit I am not into sports so can't comment on performance during a footie match, but Fifa 11 works fine! :D


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Another vote for the 55" LG here :smashin:

Just using it on Freeview and watching some stuff on USB at the moment and really impressed so far.

Then again I don't have sky and am not a gamer, not noticed any problems with sport though.


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watched lots overrecentdays fromblu ray to 3d disc and sky and wellimpressed with allviewing andlive sports mind blowing. very pleased and havent really altered many settings either.


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Sat watching Cars 2 in 3D now on my UE55D7000. Awesome tv.

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