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Hi folks,

First post for me so be gentle lol
Basically for the last month I’ve been considering what to go for with a replacement TV for the living room. Currently using an older LG lcd that’s started to go rather blue but it was cheap and only a 42” iirc.

Use - Mostly football, movies and series. Sky Q, Netflix, blu-ray etc. I do use it for games console PS4/PS5 mostly, not PC.
I was originally set on a budget of £800 so was going qled / nano but then I went and looked at a few and saw that the C1 was down to that sort of price so started looking at an OLED. Naturally that led to a bit of budget creep as I read up about OLED options 🤦🏻‍. I’m happy my varied content should help avoid burn but I do also watch a lot of football and wondered if this would be an issue with burn (score in the corner, sky logo) although sounds like they automatically turn down the brightness on these now. I know the Panasonic you can run a monthly service too, assuming LG have the same?

Budget now - £1,200 so I realise this is still pretty low for OLED sets.

Size - I’ve decided on 55” this seems to avoid too much judder on bigger screens ans also seems to reduce the risk of pink shade etc that seems to show on some bigger screens? This seems to be pot luck though.

Options - From the reading, reviews, prices etc I’ve sort of narrowed this down to 2 sets. Harder than it sounds as I’d happily over think this for months lol. Anyway I’m now between:-
LG 55C14
Panasonic 55jz980

I’ve always found Panasonic to be a very good brand and grew up with my folks opting for them so was initially leaning towards that but not sure if panels are like for like with LG making them all. Or if there are obvious distinguishing features that would make people lean towards one or the other?? If the C1 has a better panel etc. I guess for me the main points would be clarity (not too granular) and motion, anything obviously jumpy would frustrate me.

Thanks in advance for any help and opinions.

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