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I'm having problems creating my own favourites list. I want to delete a list and I want to create my own list.

I assume you can only create lists for channels that are on the same satellite? If that is the case no problem but I'm just lost trying to create and delete lists.

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You can download a channel list from purplesat site , use this as your template as it has 16 favourites created , I edited these and renamed , I then edited and added my own channels.

Although you can edit and add favourites using your remote control , Im using the Clarke tech editor which I downloaded which means you can upload channel lists to a memory stick which you have plugged into your receiver then edit on your pc using the editor , it's much easier.

You can also create and move around the order of favourites.

Your favourites list can have channels stored from any satellite, it's best to group the channels on the same satellite as when your scrolling through each channel , if you have a motorised dish it will have to move to each satellite all of the time.

When your adding favourites to a favourites list press the sat button on the remote to select a different satellite so you can continue adding channels to your favourites. Think you can have up to 120 channels on one favourites list.
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OK VJVJ - you don't say what problems you're having, but I assume that you have a Technomate and making Favorite Channels lists is one of the easiest features.
You have the initial choice of 16 separate listr and can give any or all of them new names of your choice - press the Red button.
If you've made one and want to change it, select the channels again that you want to remove and their "heart" icons will disappear.
You don't say what makes you think a list can only include channels on the same satellite, but that's not the case at all, though if you have a motorised system then as jr says it's a good idea to do it that way.
At any time you can press the Sat button to get a list of all the available channels from one, so that you can select the ones you want and get the "heart" to appear beside their names.
120 channels is the maximum for each list, but with so many to choose from it's not likely that any will use anywhere near all of the allocation.
Let us know what else you're lost on so that we can sort the problem.
Technos are particularly good for editing directly, but you might find it even easier to use the editor program in your computer instead.



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