51WH36 screenshots anyone??


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This thread is to give everyone the chance to submit screenshots of the picture of their old/new rear projection tv's

as there have been some threads similar to this before and not many people have submitted pictures

soon i will be getting the toshiba 51WH36 and i will be submitting images from games and films for everyone to see i hope to see some of yours too!

I will be checking the forums at least once everyday and posting all that i can once i have received my set in the next 2-3 weeks

happy snapping!


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thanks the size of that box is gigantic its about the biggest box ive seen in my life cant read any of it but liked the pics pretty good wanna send that box over here me and my family could put vent holes in it step inside and post us off for a free holdiay lol thanks again

anyone else got any they wanna share of the toshiba 51/57wh36 if you have just post 'em mine will be joining them as soon as i take delivery of mine i'll even ask the delivery men if they want their pic taken and posted on here lol



Yes i was actually schocked when i received my TV and the delivery guy was alone.

Where shall i drop it he said....

And i live on 4th floor in an apartment, christ!


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i bet you had fun getting it up the stairs


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Heres one on a 57wh36


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the picture looks rather good for a rptv

gotta order mine on friday or saturday now but as soon as received my pics will follow keep em coming


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How do I post a picture? Can't seem to get it to work.




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hmmm not too sure myself can you answer this please mikeg247? as i'll need to know this soon too

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