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Had the pioneer 5100 for a while now, good results - stuck with the ritek discs and have worked well. However created some discs the other day and i tested them on my pacific (cheapie) DVD player.

They wouldn't play on the pacific at all, however the same brand of disc created with encore+PA06 plays fine on the pacific being the same disc and DVD-R.

I know the pacific is a cheap player but we thought it would be a good test bed for an average DVD player, and it will play DVD-Rs from other sources, just not the pioneer 5100.

Any comments other people's findings?


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I also have the 5100 for recording and a pacific player as the bedroom player. The pacific has played everything I have thrown at it, Datawrite - Greys, yellows, Datasafe, TDK, + and -. All 7 of the trial pack that you get with SVP! You must be unlucky!!


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Just a quick one, you are finalising on the 5100 arent you??


I only use Verbatim,TDK and Panasonic discs,but anything recorded on the 5100 plays fine on my Pioneer 656-however,stuff created on the Toshiba rewriter in my laptop,using the same discs,gives picture breakup for a few minutes on the 656,but not the 5100.Numerous playback quirks between discs,recorders and players,mean a 100% success rate across the board will never happen


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Originally posted by ROne
dicky, could I sent you a disc created on our pioneer for you to test on your pacific - to see if we have dodgy model.

Let me know and we'll sort something out.


I have PM'd you


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