510 compatibility with discs from DVR7000?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by dr_mabuse, Jun 9, 2002.

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    Anyone out there with this combination (or able to test it with mates)?

    I have the Tosh 510 and am very happy - plays all discs I have thrown at it and mp3 as well. Eats RCE no probs, DVD-A sounds awesome also (crap selection available however).:D

    Now I want to get into recording to DVD - have spent a while on the HTPC forum researching hardware, and concluded that going via PC route is just not on - my machine is just not up to it.

    Like the Pioneer DVR7000 - seems better rated than DMR-E20 - but am wondering if playback performance is good enought that I don't need to ensure compatibility with the Tosh for playback.

    If the DVR7000 is kickass on playback (multiregion is apparently do-able via CDR firmware or pre-modified) then I will move the Tosh 510 to 2nd TV duty (or perhaps sell it).

    Anyone know if A) Tosh will playback DVD-R made on the DVR7000? or B) If its playback standards mean I can use it for all R1 and R2 playback on main TV?

    Any help welcome.


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