51 In Rptv Tivo Picture Quality ?



Can someone please put me out of my misery please ?
I have been deciding whether to follow the tivo or Sky + route for a pvr for a while now . Prefering tivo due to features and life subcription option.
But unsure because of

1. lack of 5.1 Dolby Digital ( I only have dpl 1 not dpl 2 on my amp ).

2. Picture quality -TiVo has to MPEG encode the signal in real time which means the quality will not be as good as Sky+ .
This obviously is subjective but has anyone experience of using tivo on a large 51 inch projection tv recording from sky ?
What mode/level would be acceptable ?
It took me a long time to decide on the Tv and picture quality against its rivals and it was the deciding factor in the end .

Please help me out of my quandary .
Its nearly impossible to find a store selling tivo , but to find one which could demo me one on a rptv would be impossible .
Well i have a 41" rpj sony widescreen set and im more then happy with the sky+ set up i have......20 hrs of broadcast qual recordings suits me......my freind who has a ntl set up and tivo envys my pic qual.....but like you say....a tenner a month......worth it if you got cash to lite ya cigars with....

In fact i record all the big footy games for him from my sky+ to a dvd recorder...as he prefers the pic to his tivo...

tivo hi qual is not up to sky+ recording on rear pro...
I had Sky + installed approx. 1 month ago, absolutely briliant I watch what I want when I want ... superb. Picture is great on my 56" Tosh RPTV, absolutely no complaints or issues since installed.
I got tivo for £99 from powerhouse deal when it was on and even at that price I took it back because the picture was so poor ( just a personal opinion ) and that wasn't on my projector but a 32" tv.

Also i absolutely hated the way it changed channels to record somthing when you were half way through watching somthing else.
wife got so ****ed off she said get sky+ and a second box if you want just get that thing unplugged :)
had to agree

just waiting to get loft conversion finished and will get sky+ installed.
Originally posted by DaveP
Skyplus+ sounds brilliant - where can I get one from?:)

Try a local independent Sky agent, often they will offer a better price and service.
Currys, Dixons, Comet and Powerhouse all refer you to Sky anyway so ring Sky directly is usually best.
Look out for special offers though, sometimes there's a £100 saving if you buy something else at the same time, it was running a while back, it may return if you wait........but it may not :) .
Sky are taking a £100 off the price for existing long term Sky World subscribers if you are " special".......don't ask me what that requires....
"Special" means sweeet F A !!

I have had a sky subscribtion since the early days of analogue, bought digital on day of release and always been on the top package, however I do not qualify for a discount apparently


seriously tempted to get a european sat system as i mainly have it for the football anyway and there seems to be more choice of premiership games on european sat systems.

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