50W power to a 25W speaker - what will happen?


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Hi folks, so I went and bought a fancy new head unit for the car and all was well until I realised that the power output of the new unit is 4x50W and the car only has 25W speakers in it. The manufacturers info says that the continuous power output is 4x22W.

I don't know much about any of that, but does it mean that if I keep the volume say below 50% that I shouldn't have any probs? and obviously don't screw about with balance and fade? Does the continuous power output mean that each speaker in reality only gets 22W anyway?

I really don't want to go to the hassle of changing the speakers immediately, but I don't want to blow them either (or start a fire in the car).



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50W power to a 25W speaker - what will happen?

It'll work perfectly well.

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Thanks Flimber - so is it a case of overstated power output coupled with understated tolerance in the speakers? Or how is it I won't be engulfed by a ball of flames as promised in the manual?
Its not just about wattage. Unless they both state power in RMS its not easy to compare anyway. Ideally you want an amp that has just more power, it will then provide a cleaner signal. Ive seen more than one set of speakers fried by an under powered amp thats 'clipping', sending a dirty and rough output through the speakers, even though the speakers are rated higher than the amp. If you hear distortion, turn them down!

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