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Question 50PUS7303/12 problems with YAS 107 Soundbar


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Hi All,

Looking for a bit of advice. Apologies for the lengthy post but this is driving me nuts.

I purchased a 50PUS7303/12 towards the end of last year and have been pretty happy with it, the only slight niggle is that sometimes the volume display stays on screen. You have to press a volume button again to get it to disappear but I have learnt to live with it (I mention this in case its somehow related to my issue below)

Fast forward to now and I have purchased a Yamaha YAS 107 Soundbar. I've hooked it up with my Virgin Media box into the Soundbar HDMI In port and then the Soundbar HDMI out (ARC) port to HDMI 1 on the TV.

The sound comes out of the soundbar as expected and sounds great but the problem I'm having is that when I use either the Phillips remote or the Virgin Media remote the volume jumps around all over the place, for example, the TV volume is on 10 and I press the volume up button once, on either remote, the OSD will go to 11 as expected but then a split second later jump up to something random like 16. If I press down, it will go to 15 as expected but then down to 12 or 10. I have also noticed the OSD vanishes completely when using any of the built in apps on the TV. At first I thought it must be the Soundbar as things were working pretty well before I bought it so I exchanged it yesterday but the new one is doing exactly the same thing. After doing plenty of reading I've come to the conclusion that it must be some kind of issue with the communication between the TV and the Soundbar.

I have tried loads of different HDMI cables including 2 brand new ones, I've tried going in to all 4 HDMI ports on the TV and all with the same result. I have also tried going from the Virgin Box to TV then TV to Soundbar but then I lose the OSD completely. I have tried every combination of sound settings I can think of on the TV/V6/Soundbar but nothing works. If I look at the Yamaha app whilst pressing the volume buttons on the TV remotes it also increases and decreases in random amounts on there.

Optical works fine but I don't really want another another remote and the volume display on the Soundbar isn't visible anyway unless I wall mount it.

The only thing I can think to try is factory resetting the TV but I really don't want to lose all my settings and in all honesty I don't think its going to fix it.

All I want is for the TV or Virgin remote to control the Soundbar volume with the OSD being visible in all apps and the sound not jumping all over the place.

So my question(s)

Is there anything else I can try to fix it?

Is any upcoming update for the TV likely to resolve this? I've read on these forums that an update should be available "Soon" - I realise this could be a while but I could put up with it if I thought it would fix it.

Should I give up with this Soundbar and try something else? Apart from this issue, I really like the soundbar and got it at a great price so I'm worried I wont get anything as good without spending more money.



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Under Settings (EasyLink > EasyLink remote control) try setting this off and see if it helps. If not then I would log a support request with both Philips and Yamaha and if you are luckly one of them will fix it. The latest Oreo update I recently received on by 2017 set fixed all the issues I was getting with my Samsung soundbar so you might be ok when that update arrives.

Alternatively, consider buying a One-4-All remote or similar as these allow you to map the volume controls to different devices and so you could end up with a single remote for all your boxes.

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