50PUS7303/12 4K Android tv resolution issues


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I have a 50PUS7303/12 4K android tv about a year now. Some videos on YouTube doesn’t play in 4K or 1080p and shows maximum resolution of 720p. I think it does it only in videos that are 60fps and above because the rest of them play normally in highest quality. On Netflix doesn’t show anything above 720p. Both apps and tv are updated. I have done factory settings multiple times but nothing is changing. Please help!
Greetings all, I have this problem too & no tech in Philips ( Singapore) is able to assist.
Did the factory reset too but no more 4K on some videos.
I am using 65PUT7303/98
See below reply from Philips tech here:

Thanks for waiting an update on this issue.

As per our engineer team, TV is in specification.

YouTube application version and Other device are working differently, to make a solid comparison is by using another Philips TV similar model and software version.

As for now no appointment or software update is need, TV are in specification.

Thanks and Regards
Philips Support

I am equally lost & frustrated about this issue.

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