50mm1.8 Advice please for Nikon D50


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I know and have seen the results from both the Canon "Nifty Fifty" and The Nikon 50mm , but having seen such good results from the canon I was just wondering if these are both equal in quality,and ability.and are there any differences.. or Should the Nikon produce exactly the same .

Opinions Please..?

Or should I go for something different.. ? (just bought the Sigma 18-135 eeek!) and the Nikon 1.4 is out of the question!




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I would say that the Nikon 50 1.8 and Canon 50 1.8 are just about equal in terms of image quality. Both are extrememly good, and excellent value lenses. I use mine quite a lot - really nice for portraits and available light shots when flash would ruin the mood.

I have heard Canon users moan that the 50 1.8 is an unattractive lens - I would say this is fairly tipical of the average Canon user - more concerned with form than function. :D

For 70-80 quid you can't go wrong :smashin:


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The Nikon 50mm f1.8 usually scores higher in optical tests than the Canon equivalent. In real life there probably is not much difference. The Nikon is also more expensive (by £10 at OSD).
Since I got the Tamron 90mm macro, I have been using this as my fast prime, so the nifty fifty has moved down my priority list. It is still a bargain at the price.



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Thats fine.. All I wanted to know..

Ordering from OSD now..EDIT_ Ordered Under £66 Quid Deliv Bargain

Cheers Guys


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Whoa- This lil baby arrived today- Its Dinky and quite solid feeling,doesnt seem plasticy at all.. well worth the pennies

Im Looking forward to getting out and about now.. any tips for using it properly..apart from having to get closer to stuff..



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any tips for using it properly..apart from having to get closer to stuff..


Just make sure you focus on the eye(s) as if your using it wide open it will have a very narrow DOF.


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Thanks Ally..Il have a good play with this later if the kids are willing.. to sit still for an hour..lol

Post any decent results I get..


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