50Hz TV's and NTSC

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Nyquil Driver, Dec 24, 2001.

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    After reading the thread about 100Hz TV's with great interest, I have a question that may be relevant to the argument.

    My W/S Philips Blackline-S (50Hz 24") is a fine performer in most departments, with Sky and especially PAL DVD's looking crisp and clear. NTSC material is the only real stumbling block I've come across because fast motion seems to be surrounded by dotty lines (particularly around peoples heads). If I was to zoom in on a non-anamorphic PAL image I'd get similar results, so I can only assume that it's the line structure of the TV that I'm seeing. Exactly why it's visible on (non-zoomed) NTSC material is a mystery to me because VHS playback of PAL material is fine and VHS has a much lower resolution than NTSC DVD's.

    Anyway, the reason I mention this in relation to the 100Hz debate is because I want to know if buying a 100Hz set would solve this problem? If it would, then it's another advantage of digital processing and it would certainly be worth my while 'upgrading' to one (considering how many NTSC DVD's I watch).

    My problem may be caused by something else entirely though (do other 50Hz TV's suffer like this?). The negative remarks about 100Hz technology are very off-putting, but I've seen how well properly set-up ones can perform and eliminating the line-structure visibility is my top-priority.

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