50hz or 100hz?


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I'm trying to learn the lingo on flat screen TVs before buying one. I will use Sky HD, XBOX and a Blue Ray player to feed the TV. I assumed that 100hz is better than 50hz at all times, but then I read a review of a TV on Amazon which said "TV has a 100MHz refresh rate but neither HD, SD or PS3 utilise this, so in hindsight bit of an overkill so could have saved some money and bought a standard 50MHz version". I'm not really sure what this means, I thought the picture would always be improved by 100hz. Can anyone advise? Thanks.



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Sport can look smoother, everything else looks weird

Nothing is broadcast in 100hz as you point out, it is a form of processing (which also adds lag for games)

All depends on use for TV, size of screen and personal preference. Don't just assume a bigger number is better

If the concern is motion, and can fit a 42"+ consider plasma
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