Question 50H7GB1 HDR Update? Best Gaming Settings?


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Hisense 50H7GB1 owner here. Looking for some answers to update my TV so I can enable HDR. I also want to know the best gaming settings for my Xbox One S on this TV. Trying to make the best of what I have at the moment. I'm a online competitive gamer and any help is appreciated. I've contacted Hisense last night and have yet to get a reply so I'm asking on here. I don't have a PC so if I need to download a firmware would Dropbox work? It's enabled on my TV so I'm thinking I could use my iPhone to do this.

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Not sure Godsey to be honest. How old is the TV as looking online it appears to be a 2015 model. I know that all hisense models 2016 onwards are HDR capable..
There may be a US member along that can give better advice but this is primarily a UK forum but with many overseas visitors.
Can't see anything on the Hisense US website about any updates.
You may get a quicker response from Hisense themselves....or via Twitter.

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