50b7100 hdmi problem


So, here's the thing.
Few days ago (Oct 31) my Hisense 50B7100 started acting weird.
- TV changed cast name by itself from default "HISENSE VIDAA TV" to "Star Platinum Plus"
- Same day later I could not play my .mkv 4K movie on USB flash (file format not supported) even I could watch it a day before.

So i plug my tv out, and plug it back in.
- Name stayed the same (the new one)
- But at least I could play 4K movie again

Real troubles showed up when I turned on my PC (connected via HDMI since I bought TV, 3 months ago). Whenever I want to play something on my PC (youtube video, movie on player, video game) my TV lose connection with PC! (WEAK OR NO CONNECTION)
When I turn off (by alt+f4) youtube or video game - my TV gets back signal but now with some weird moving pixels, or it goes green.

I ve tried different ports with different HDMI cables - nothing helps. I thought it was my pc gpu at first but when i connect pc to monitor via HDMI (1080p) everything is fine.

I ve tried to set HDMI from enhanced to standard, but my resolution (showed on tv screen in upper left corner) changes by default from 1920x1080 60hz to 3840x2160 30hz (?!) even tho my gpu cannot support 2160p. When I get green screen - resolution (showed on tv) is 51350x1083. Yes. 51350. 1083.

Tried factory reset. Didn't help.

The only way now is to downgrade PC resolution to 720p, but it looks so bad on 4k tv, and deff. that s no solution since I bought this TV to play 4K games on console.

Please help.
Thank you!


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