507 or 607?


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I have some credit after a tv exchange and am looking at the amps to upgrade my old sony analogue AV amp

my sources are PS3, Sky+HD and Wii. I dont have room for 7.1, so the only real advantage I see of the 607 is the upscalling it could do for my Wii is that right? Price diff of £140 from this shop. Is the upscalling that good on the 607? Also does it upscale 576i/p SD sources via HDMI from the Sky box better than the box inself or my Panasonic G10? Just really need to know if its worth the extra money.

Finally, is there a problem with Panasoinc sets and the Onkyo amps as i have seen a few comments about it.

Thanks guys.


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I have a pretty similar setup and I went for the 507. The Wii was never about graphics so I didn't see any point upscaling it. Neither is it about sound, so my Wii is plugged straight to the TV without the amp involved.

Can't comment on the quality of the upscaling from the 607 but I'd be surprised if it's vastly superior to your existing kit.

Oh, and the 507 can do 7.1... it just uses the line outs for zone 2 and needs a seperate amp to power the speakers for the rears :)


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thanks for that. think i will go for the 507 then. it ok with the G10?

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