507 or 508


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i curently have a 427xd and the dead pixels are driving me mad so its going back to costco.

my question is i was think about jumping to the 507 but with the 508 around the corner should i wait

i am not bothered about 1080p, not to fussed about a media box as i have a hdmi amp.

so my question is what does the 508 have that is better than the 507:smashin:


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507 will need the optional speakers, and if unlike the 427, you'll need to use the 360 SCART adapter on the audio leads, and plug into a SCART for sound, along with the Components of course.
So, maybe the media box will be a bit more useful than initially thought.
The blacks will also be quite a bit better, if the hype is right.
There's plenty to read and see on Pioneer's US site.


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Surely it's not realistic to wait for the 508 when thinking about buying the 507 as that is the boat i'm in, they must be quite a difference in price to begin with? and i'm thinking for around £1700 the 507 is a bargain!

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