506XDE home demo? Anyone with XDE & IScan Ultra?


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I currently have a Sanyo Z1, Iscan Ultra, Sky +, GC, Xbox chipped for HD and Pio 565 dvd player (component to Iscan no HDMI).

I'm seriously thinking about replacing the Z1 with a plasma. I couldn't put up with a titchy screen so it'll have to be 50" at least. I've been looking at the 506xde which looks pretty swish but I'm a bit concerned about judder. I intially had loads of judder problems feeding by Z1 with a Briteview so I know how it can ruin a film and I can't put up with it.

It's all very well seeing sets running HD demos in shops but lets face it, the majority of material I'll pass it will be SD for the forseeable future, even when I upgrade to Sky HD they won't be transmitting everything in HD. Do any shops do home trials? I doubt I'll be able to find a shop with my set-up and I don't have the nerve (unlike loads on here) to spend £3.5k-4k on something I'm not going to be happy with. I realise I could buy then send it back if I'm not happy but I'd rather not go through all the hassle.

Also, as a side line. Is there anyone out there is a 506xde with an Iscan Ultra. Did that fix the judder?


P.S. I don't have the money to update to a Iscan HD or HDMI dvd player.


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Always amazed how they can rate a piece of kit so highly in mags with such a major flaw...no..not amazed...disappointed advertising money has such a huge influence. Call themselves technical experts...advertising experts more like...rant over.

Anyone know where I can get a home demo of a 50" panny ?


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I'd strongly recommend a commercial Panasonic or Pioneer plasma. The motion judder is only seen on the Pioneer consumer models. The commercial models reportedly don't have this problem (when switching into the frc2 mode).

The consumer models from both Pioneer and Panasonic don't accept native resolution over HDMI. So they are not a good bet for external scalers. Both the commercial models from Pioneer and Panasonic do accept native rate. I believe the Pioneer commercials accept 50Hz and 60Hz, while the PHD7 Panasonic only accepts 60Hz. So you might better want to go PHD8 Panasonic, because the new HDMI video board (which only works inside the PHD8, AFAIK) adds support for 50Hz.

The Pioneer commercial has inferier black level to the Panasonic plasmas, and also to the new Pioneer consumers. Hopefully there'll be new commercial models soon with the latest glass to solve this problem.


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I'm in Reigate in Surrey and travel around Surrey & Kent a bit :)

How do you get hold of a commercial set?


I work from an office as I'm actually a custom installer, not a shop as such. Drop me an email if I can help you in any way, I can cewrtainly show you a 'commercial' panel, and explain how you'd set up for such a thing.

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