505XDE and S97?

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    Evening guys

    Had the Pioneer 505XDE for a couple of months now...very very happy.

    Current DVD player is a 5-6 year old Sony (200 disk carousel job - DVP-CX850D for anyone that remembers it) feeding the panel by scart - still putting out a very nice picture.

    Been thinking about upgrading to an HDMI player for a while. The current price of the Panasonic S97 is about £160, so it seems like a low-risk option to try out HDMI.

    A few times on here I've seen threads along the line of "HDMI isn't all it's cracked up to be" and "you need a big (ie expensive) player to drive such a big panel....."

    So my question is...if I go out tomorrow and buy one, will I really see a difference, and if I spend £160, will I get 10%, 50% or 90% of the increase in quality compared to the much pricier Denon/Arcam (if you see what I mean)



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