500 pounds on a DVD player. Which one

Mr Neato

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Hi, upgrade time from a wharfedale DVD 750. The only thing is the choice:confused:
I'm after a player that does pal and ntsc prog scan and SACD or DVD-audio or both not to fussed about music replay as i have a hifi setup. It has to be a good picture though. It will be connected to a Panasonic TX32PH40 TV.
The options i am considering are the Denon DVD 2200, the Sony DVP NS999ES or the Toshiba SD900E.
Any views or personal experiences with any of these players will help me with a decision. Or (just to confuse me) any alternatives!

Thanks in advance.


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Common theme round here would seem to suggest an Harman Kardon DVD30 which does DVD-A, £450 .. or perhaps a Pioneer 668 at £520 which does DVD-A and SACD as well as HDMI (which isn't of use to you at present but maybe in the future) .. you already mention the Denon 2200. AIUI the Sony is only available in region 2 format for less that £500, least that's what I read on here some time last week.


The Tosh SD900E is a stunning player. It can do DVD-A & NTSC prog, but not PAL. The interlaced PQ is still very good, but don't even think about the psudo PAL prog - it stinks!
It is/was available from LE Concepts for £500 but as it is a discontinued player they are in short supply so you might have problems getting a new one. They do crop up from time to time s/h on these forums, but tend to get snatched up very quickly so if interested you'll need to keep looking.


Mr Neato

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HK DVD 30 seems to be very popular. Have not heard that much about it. Any ideas on prices and places that stock it.
And thanks for the replies.


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Nope :) .. sorry, bit obscure there, I got a Sony 730 from HCH, mentioned it only to show I have personally bought from there.


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If you want a really good picture then get the new Arcam DV78 player, although it only plays DVD-V and CDs, no DVD-A or SACD.


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Get the denon 2200.......good all round player and you will never ever get a pause halfway through a film again.


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You should still be able to pick up a Pio 757Ai for £489 from DigitalDirectUK- not sure if the guys here would call this good value as people seem to be recommending cheaper alternatives as well as Denons.




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Another vote for the Denon 2200 here - its build quality is superb, it's ultra quick when navigating menus, and the layer change is never noticed on any of my discs. Superb picture & sound quality too.

Mr Neato

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Thanks for the HCH site KraGorn. Although the denon will probably win the day any views on the Pio 668 anybody, especially on the PQ front. Not to intrested in HDMI yet.
Oh and thanks for some alternatives.


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Mr Neato, I'm selling a Denon DVD-3800.
PAL/NTSC progressive; multi-region; DVD-Audio...
pm me if you'd be interested.
You could come and see it as I'm in essex too. ;)


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I have the Philips DVD 963SA, it does progressive scan PAL/NTSC and SACD (£340 from ShopAtHills). I was really only intersted in DVD video playback but I think the audio performance is also quite good. The more expensive DVD players (Denon 2900 etc) are 2 to 3 times the price, if the image quality is also 2 to 3 times better then I would be amazed. On the down side the menu system is pants on the 963SA.

I do prefer the progressive scan playback even on a 32" TV (PD30).

Good luck whatever you choose.


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The more expensive DVD players (Denon 2900 etc) are 2 to 3 times the price, if the image quality is also 2 to 3 times better then I would be amazed

Agreed - stunning player, if and I repeat IF you can get a good one, and Philips are not known for their reliability, and some earlier machines suffered from green vertical stripes in Progressive mode.

A friend of mine brought his new Denon 2200 round to try on my proj. and we both agreed that the 963SA was as good as, if not better than the Denon in Progressive scan.

I'd say the Denon is better in interlaced mode though.


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Hi guys

I'm also looking to buy a new dvd player for use with my Z1 pj.
So just how good is the HK DVD30 & have you found any problems with it?


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