Question 50" with decent picture less than £400 for bedroom?


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I am looking for a 50" for my bedroom. I do like decent motion handling and picture quality.

So any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
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most 50 inch tvs will be the same with VA screen so get any LG or Samsung set.
if wanted ips go for LG 49 inch set but VA screens are better. so would defo stay on 50 inch size.

these are better than JVC and Hitachi


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I hear the Samsung 50 Inch UE50TU7100 is not to bright and the Samsung 50 Inch UE50TU8500 should be better.


With motion top priority I'd consider searching for Sony models. Their newer TVs are probably over budget, especially if you buy now rather than later (i'd recommend Black Friday or later).

Limited budget would mean Sony 49XG70/XG80/XG81 models in 2019 - if you can still find these since they are end of life, they will likely be priced better.

This years (currently overpriced) Sony 49X70/XH80/XH81

Motion won't be brilliant at this price range, but the motion on a 60hz Sony TV using an IPS panel is going to be better than that of a 60hz Samsung/Hisense TV using a VA panel.

LG also use VA at 50" but IPS at 49" so if Sony is out of budget, you could opt for a 49" LG.

See if my panel talk doesn't make sense: Which panel type should I choose for my TV?

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