50" TV on a budget


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I have recently moved to a new flat and need a new TV. I was planning to go all out and buy a 1080p projector and screen but it being a rented accommodation I'm not allowed to drill any holes etc. So after a lot of deliberation I decided to get a 50" tv.

As far as I can tell the only new set at this price is a Panny 50x60 at currys which is apparently a great 720p set.

My question is can I do a lot better going the 'used Tv' way.

Any suggestions??


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Personally I don't think less money means you get any less of a television! I think if you do your research and pick correctly then you can end up with a fantastic television at a very reasonable price point.

Check THIS LG out. Its very reasonably priced in my opinion and great features including FreeView HD & SMART TV etc.


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I don't really care about smart features as I already have Chromecast, Wd tv live and xbox for that. And I really don't want to stretch past £400 budget. I don't mind getting a used tv. I considered a Kuro 508xd advertised(calibrated and all) but it being 6 years old is a bit of a worry. I also considered LG 50PK590, LG 50PK350, Samsung PS51F5500 (but can't seem to find a used one anywhere) and Panny G series. It has to be min 50" min though.


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honestly going used might not be a bad shout if you can bag a 508 pioneer; no offence to the x60 but the 508xd even today gives you on of the best SD pictures and the black levels are still better then most tv out :).


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am in similar situation as u OP, its not easy picking plasma TV for 400 bucks or less.as the choice is often lower tier newer model or legendary older models.

i can get the 50X60B for 350,but then again there is the ST30 for 300.its almost painful how hard the decision is.

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