50" TV for around £500-600


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Hi All,

I'm looking for a TV for around 50" for approx £500 (Happy to go up another 1-200 if needed). TV will be going in the corner of the room so viewing angles are a factor. It'll be mostly used watching TV/sport/netflix via Sky Q.
I've been looking at the guides and previous posts on here with similar asks and I'm finding that they're mostly out of stock and my own searches are driving me mad!

To add to the difficultly the TV will need delivering to NI which a lot of companies aren't too keen on!

Any advice or help would be most appreciated! I understand now isn't the best time of the year to get a TV but the current own is going faulty so I'm a bit stuck!


Bad timing to buy now unless you can get hold of 2020 stock. 2021 stock remains overpriced. Best to wait for Black Friday and Christmas sales to get a good price.

For viewing angles on the cheap you need to be looking at Sony and Philips TVs that use IPS panels. Can differ size to size, sometimes model to model.

XH80xx and XH81xx models from Sony will be suited, the new replacement for that model is X80J/X81J.

Philips TVs in budget using IPS panels will be suited too.

Just make sure you don't buy a 50" TV if you want good viewing angles, 49" or 55" from Sony and Philips should be IPS. There are exceptions though.

Also bear in mind there's very little value buying a TV now for around 500-700. Really you should be looking to go for at least a high tier model to avoid problems displaying HDR. If it means you can't get a new TV for a bit longer, its worth waiting for.


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