50" TV, Blu-Ray and Surround sound for £1000


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Looking to put a new setup in the front room, its quite large and we sit quite far back so a 50" would easily fit.

What tv, blu-ray player and surround sound system should I buy for around £1000 total?

The LG 50" seems popular, the surround sound by Onyko or whatever it was spelt seems popular and not sure on blu-ray.

I have a load of films on my pc so being able to stream them would be fantastic.

Connected will be Sky+ HD, and maybe an xbox 360



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You have obviously been doing your homework :thumbsup: I would choose the TV as that is the main bit of kit and work out what you have left for the rest. A bluray player will set you back about £100 give or take. As you are looking at streaming, the PS3 might be a viable option as not only is it a cracking bluray player that evolves with each update, it can surf the web, has bbc iplayer and streaming. A separate streaming device is always an option but you're looking at around £100 for the cheapest variants e.g. WDTV live and so on. You can also stream to the Xbox 360 IIRC.


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Waited for the sales to see what price deals were on.

Any advice / suggestions for alternatives.

Currently looking at

LG 50PK590 50" plasma at £650 (did prefer the image on a simular priced panny plasma in Comet when i looked at it though, but reviews on here changed my mind)
LG 50PK590 | 50 inch Plasma TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD | Richer Sounds

ONKYO TXSR508 Amp at £260 (based on forum reviews)
Onkyo TXSR508 Black | AV Receiver With HDMI Interface | Richer Sounds

Q ACOUSTICS 1010i 5.1 speakers at £200 (Price seems really good)
Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 Black | 5.1 Speaker Package | Richer Sounds

SONY BDPS570 Blueray player at £170 (lovefilm compatible a big bonus)
Sony BDPS570 Black | 3D Ready Blu-ray Player | Richer Sounds

So thats a total at richersounds of £1280, the Tv is cheaper from pixmania.com at £615 and the blueray at Amazon for £160 which if they do pricematching brings it down to £1235 + HDMI cables.

Any advice / suggestions?
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i would buy this hands down over the LG.

dave puma is right, get the ps3 over a blu ray, it will handle the streaming, has iplayer and 4od and itvplayer are on the way, its an awesome machine.

the onkyo is okay if you're budget is tight, but if you can strech to it the pioneer vsx920 has £100 off at the moment which at £399 makes it a LOT of amp for the money

the q acoustics arent bad, and at that price seems like a good deal.



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Thanks for the replies its a great help.

I currently have a 37" panny plasma that cost me £3500 a few years back and I love it, its just not able to do 1080 and doesn't have HDMI is uses the green composite.

The blacks are really nice on this but having had a ****** cheap plasma before that with a low contrast ratio and a crap picture are making me look at that over most other things.

I guess for me its all about which one would give the better picture overall, and from a quick look instore I prefer the pannys but the reviews on here make it hard to not choose the LG.


The PS3 option is very viable and I keep coming back to it also. I might see if I can get a second hand one. Is there a way to see usage on the laser?

Will definatly have a look at the other amp. I know very little about this area so again was going on consensus from forum.


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