50" Replacement for plasma TV


I'm thinking of upgrading my 42" Panasonic VT30 plasma that's served me very well over the years and was wondering what is the best 48"-50" TV I can get to replace it with. My instinct lies with OLED, and I'm leaning toward the Sony KD-48A9 but I'd consider other makes/models and I'm not ruling out LED TVs either. Budget is not such an issue but I'd like to keep it below £1.5k. Basically I'm after a shortlist of candidates I can go look at.

My main viewing is standard TV programmes, movies, the occasional sport etc via Sky HD and streaming services and I wont be doing any gaming via this TV.

The TV sits in the corner of the room hence the size requirements as I don't want it to totally dominate and I want decent viewing angles hence why I opted for the plasma in the first place and although it does face the window I can negate this with the use of blinds should I need to.

Thanks all.


If you want good viewing angles you're on the right track with OLED. Smaller LCD TVs that get close to OLEDs in overall quality do not have good viewing angles.

The choice is pretty simple with OLEDs. They all share the same panel made by LG so picture quality between them all is very similar. There are slight differences with connectivity, smart TV and picture processing.

The comparison doesn't include 2021 models yet, but typically they perform the same as the 2020 ones.

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