50" Pioneer 507XD or SONY Bravia 52" X-Series



I need some advice as I am seriously confused. So far I have bought a DENON DVD1930, SONY 1200ES Amp/Rec and KEF 2005.2 5.1 surround kit (incl. sub). I have bought my speaker cables so far: QED flat type which runs under my carpet but I have not yet bought my subwoofer cable and optical etc...

I need to now buy a decent screen. I was looking at the Bravia X-Series 52" and at a price tag of £3250 it is dear but it has 1080p. I was then told by a lot of AV dealers who sell the Bravia to look at the 50" 507XP Pioneer at £2099. I have seen both, apart from the bezel (Pioneer has a black one compared to the silver/transparent Bravia) I don't see much of a difference. However, the Pioneer is £1200 cheaper than the SONY. Qualitywise, this was not helped by the SONY Centre hooking up the X-Series to HD and the Pioneer 507XD running native analogue in Currys.

1. Can someone help me by telling me from their experience which one to buy?

2. Which cables do I need to complete my home audio?

3. Any other advice/bolt ons I need?

I am also looking at SKY+ HD. Is this worth it?


At first please understand that the reply you get in the Plasma forum will be biased.

I would prefer the Pioneer coz of it's excellent picture quality with both HD/SD feeds, excellent color reproduction, sharpness and the profound black level response.

The SONY X series suffer from motion blurs and backlight bleeding that directly affects the viewing experience.

If you are a hardcore gamer or would be watching channels with lots of logo for prolonged duration I would recommend the Sony.
I am only at the looking stage myself so my opinions wont count as much as the experts on this forum however:

I have seen the Sony bravia x series (40, 46 and 52") and several of the 42" Panasonics and Pioneers (unfortunately not the 50" 507XD model you have shortlisted) on various sources (digital TV, Sky HD, ordinary DVD and HD dvd) and prefer the look of the plasma TVs. I dont like the motion blurring of LCD and there seems to be a sort grainyness with the LCD which I was told was caused by the switching on and off of the pixels. I am considering the 507XD along with the 50PX60/50PX600. I may even wait until full resolution plasmas become affordable (I think the cheapest is around £6000 - 5000EX pio).

On the subject of whether Sky HD is worth it at the moment, I am in a similar dilemma. If you watch movies or sport it probably is worth it. In my case, I am mainly interested in BBC HD which isnt very prolific at pres. Although some of the National Geographic and History channels are in HD, I have never thought that much of them cf BBC offerings and I dont want to watch programmes just because they are HD.
I have the 507xd and have also had the x series.

There is no comparison whatsoever. The 507 knokx 3 barrels of S**t out of the sony any day. Forget about all this 1080p, and just go for a tv that you like,after all you are human and you perhaps like me will not even see the difference in picture resolution unless you have bionic eyes.

The s/d picture quality from sky with HDMI is awsome and HD just leaves you speachless

The 507 any day.

Thanks for your reply on this guys.

However, what about the cable configurations??

Can you help me on this?


I know this is slightly off topic so I apologise. I too am looking for at both the Sony and Pioneer. I must admit I am warming to the Pioneer but why is there a general consensus that LCD's are better for playing games, is there a good reason for this?
The only time to consider an LCD at this size for gaming is if you are paranoid about screen burn on a plasma. I would understand that for 436XDE owners but not for the 507, which is much more resistant and even tempted MAW away from a Panasonic (for a short time)!!!

Forget the Sony, get the Pioneer or a Panasonic and be very, very happy :hiya:
I do agree that the Fujitsu 50@ 58 is a better set perhaps the best of all,but 4 the money the 507 is the absolute dogs no question.

i looked at sets 4 ages perhaps 5 months or so and im glad i chose it.

i cannot understand why people say to pick an LCD over a plasma for gaming.

whenever i play games on the 360 on an LCD the motion blur is awful to my eyes and thats on top brand lcd models too. yes they look great on static or slow moving screens, but anything with lots of fast camera panning and theres no detail at all just alot of blurring.

ive seen the pioneer a few times and its a fantastic tv IMO.

i can understand about concerns with screen burn, but settling for LCD because of this is going to mean having to put up with poor motion handling, poorer blacks, poorer colours and a more unnatural picture.

id rather play 360 games on a decent SD CRT than any LCD due to the motion issue i experince with LCD.
The fuji is definitely the best 'out of the box' picture money can buy at the moment. That is the one we are talking about. 3 yr warranty, and no picture can do it's real appearance justice, whether on or off. Go and see one, there is a dealer finder on the Fuji website. www.fujitsu-general.co.uk There will be one somewhere near you.
MAW - you are getting me down now. I narrowed it down to the SONY or the Pioneer, my heart was on the Pioneer since 9am this morning BUT now there is a Fujitsu involved.

It's like going to a bar in London, eyeing up 3 girls - 1 has a bf (the SONY) but now i need to haggle between the other 2 (Pioneer and the Fuji).

I don't fancy a threesome - so i need to choose one seriously now!!!

Where do I see a Fuji in action in East London? Does Currys have it? Does Lakeside have it - i.e. House of Frazer?


No, you will need to visit a proper dealer. West end there will be somebody, but nobody in baby eating land will do it. Sevenoaks sell them, or a trip to AV sales I suppose. Just finished a big install with one yesterday, you'd be in illustrious company...
Pioneer 507XD is the one I will go for from a price point of view.

What is the recommended viewing distance on a 50" PLASMA? My living room is small/medium size so I just want to make sure.

Please can someone advise on my cabling (see my original post).


The fuji is definitely the best 'out of the box' picture money can buy at the moment. That is the one we are talking about. 3 yr warranty, and no picture can do it's real appearance justice, whether on or off. Go and see one, there is a dealer finder on the Fuji website. www.fujitsu-general.co.uk There will be one somewhere near you.
Maw..Are you saying that the fuji is better then the new 50" 1080p Panasonic plasma (TH50PF9) ??????
IMHO yes, as an all round screen. Partnered with a processor, the Panasonic will be better, I have no doubt. But that's a bit unfair, and an altogether different price league. For £6k odd, if it wasn't clearly much better, you'd be entitled to whinge like hell.
I saw the fuji for the first time yesterday. The shop is called EXPERT here in Denmark and they deal only with high quality stuff and both the pio and fuji were ISF calibirated running side by side. The fuji was very good....but the pio was just as good with even better colours. I seriusly cant imagine the fuji being as good as 5000EX.

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