50" or 42" for a room 15'8" long?


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The display is going to be around 14 feet away from me. I cannot decide to get wither a 50" or 42" (43" if I decide on the Pioneer). The room dimensions are 15'8" by 14'5". Will a 42" screen look small in a room like this or will 50" be too big for the viewing distance?

here are the plans


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The recommended distance for a 50" is 12ft, some people sit much closer than that, it all depends on the individual. I think your room is easily big enough for a 50".


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50" will be just about perfect, I have a 50" in a similar size room and am sooo glad I didn't buy a 42". (I have had a 37" RPTV for about 7 years)




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im about to buy a 42", will the 42" inch look small at this distance, thats my worry, but i cant afford a 50 :(


My room is approx 16 feet long and I have got the 42" PV500.

I wish I could afford a 50" but I couldn't justify the extra money. I would have liked a 50" PHD8 + scaler, that would be perfect that size room.

You could probably get away with 10 feet with a decent scaler or HD stuff.


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the 50' .
with some sd content you may think twice.
when you put hd content through it you'll see that you made the right choice.


Hi Rahmorak.

You mentioned in another thread that you had some issues with your 50" Fuji.

Could you shed some light as I may be taking the plunge on one of these shortly (as opposed to the new Panny 50" series 8 panel).

Gerald. :thumbsup:


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I'm just buying a 42" and the viewing distance is 13-14 feet ... am I buying the wrong size? I can't really afford the 50" but want to be happy with my purchase.


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while we'd all like to buy as big as possible just look at it against what you've currently got even if its a 36 crt then you've increased by 6 inches which will make a difference. ( or so the wife says :devil: ) Be happy with your purchase and if you dont' like it, know that as prices are constantly dropping you can trade up in the future. Don't be pressured into buying the biggest just for the sake of it, tomorrow will always see a bright new shiny must have object we'll all want.
For the record I'm about to buy a 42'' with a viewing distance of about 14 foot, hope its bloody big enough, never mind the projector comes next month as well :devil:

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