50 Inch blinking red light.


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Hello Everyone. I have a flatscreen from Panasonic Model Number TC-P50S2. The TV is running into an issue where when powered on, I hear the normal start up click, immediately followed by the shutdown click, with The red power indicator repeatedly flashing 10 times, with 3 second pauses after each 10 flash cycle. I looked into the service manual and as everyone is aware, it’s an issue with either the A-Board, SC- Board, SS-Board or the P-Board. My question is, where am I looking with the multimeter? I am aware that I can ground the ground probe to metal, But what circuits need to be tested on those boards. I have some experience working on tech, and I am aware of the discharging process and how to keep myself safe while working with a board powered. Essentially I’m slightly familiar with boards. Any help would be appreciated, Including anyone who has personally experienced this problem and how they fixed it. Thanks :)


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Replace any capacitors next to heatsinks on the power board, these are the ones that fail first.

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