50 HZ Vs 100 HZ TV ?



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I have recently bought Panasonic 50 HZ Projection TV . The diffrence between 50Hzand 100 Hz is about $ 1000. Firstly I couldnt afford this extra cost and secondly I didnt find overwhelming justification to buy 100 Hz. I am not to much of an expert on Television and I am quite satisfied with its quality . I would be thakfull to you all if you explain what is the big diffrence between 50 Hz and 100 Hz ? If this topic is already discussed then please mention the thread. Thanks.

To keep it very basic, quick and simple:

50hz refresh rate = not quite quick enough to fool the human eye and so therefore some people notice a 'flicker' effect from the overall picture. Some people notice it a lot, others not at all.

100hz refresh rate = quick enough to fool the human eye into not being able to see any 'flicker'. Downside is that the extra image processing can introduce other unwanted side effects, most noticeably 'trails' on bright, fast moving objects such as footballs. And (ironically) slight jerkiness on quick moving, horizontally and vertically scrolling images such as TV show credits.

Some people argue that 100hz is not necessary if the TV and DVD player are of a decent quality, others argue it's the holy grail.

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