50" Bedroom Setup


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Hi All,

Been on and around these forums for years so thought it about time I posted my current set-up.

I have had many set-ups throughout the years. Moved out with the girlfriend, split up and moved back to the folks (More money for gear :))

The kit I currently have is as follows;

TV - Panasonic TC-P50G10
Reciever - Pioneer VSX-1018AH
CD Player - Arcam CD82T
Front Main - Monitor Audio RS6
Centre - Monitor Audio RSLCR
Rear - Custom Infinity Rears

PS3 (60gb)
Xbox 360 + HD DVD player
Chord interconnects (almost) all round

Other bits and bobs in the pics are;

Acer 1410t Notebook
Main PC (E2140 OC'd to 3.2ghz, 4gb ram, Radeon 5750 1gb GFX, 2 x 500gb drives set up in RAID 0)
HP ML350 G3 Server (2 x 3.06ghz xeon, 2gb ram, 2 x 72gb and 2 x 36gb SCSI drives)
Connected to everything via a gigabit network is a self built Windows Home server box with 3TB of storage (downstairs behind the sofa).
Oh and my pride and Joy....A super king size memory foam mattress bed :)

Upgrades very shortly include;

Monitor Audio RS1s for the rear
Monitor Audio RSW12 Sub
Pioneer BDP-320 Blu-Ray player

Let me know what you think :)

I chased out the wall and used a radiator pipe cover so I can still run cables up and down to the TV. :)

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Hey Ian,

No Offence mate but I have worked on hundreds of "HP ML350 G3 Servers" and is it not a wee tad noisy for a bedroom? lol those things can sound like vacuum cleaners at full pelt :D

Sounds like a mega experiment :cool:


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That's a lot of computers in one room :D

Nice, like it. What's the phone/dock? Need a decent iPod dock myself.

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