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50"-55" with a lot of light in the room....


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Hopefully our planning permission is getting approved this week and we are putting a rectangular room measuring 23 ft wide by 13ft deep on our house. I will be wall mounting a new TV in it. The wall with the TV will be solid, no windows on entire wall, the other walls will have quite big windows and a lot of light with it being south facing. Have a Philips PFL9664 as my main set so would like something that will have equal or better picture quality. Looking at the 2013 Panasonics and the new Samsung F8500 plasma wise but concerned with IR as the kids will have Disney on most of the day. I'm waiting on the new Sony and Philips offerings LED wise, so anybody any suggestions what would go best. Budget would be up to £2k. Cheers.


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hi dmurray0,

ive been on a few posts regards this as have a similar dilema. we have a 7x4m family room on the back. the longest side has windows on doors to the back garden. and we have lots of light all day.

current setup on one side of the room is my old LE46B650 sammy. from the viewing distance about 6m approx its still a reasonable size not over powering the room. as its old im about to buy a newer energu efficent tv as most of the day its on in the background with kids tv. in the evening its general tv viewing with my wife and I.

I'm looking at 55..... maybe 60, LCD as plasma too much glare. dont want to keep shutting curtains.
I use a PJ for my eveninig movie watching at weekends as its a 106" screen and ps3/xbox.
day to day is really general tv.

due to distance will never game on it and the old 46" will now go into the front living room which has a viewing distance of 3.5/4M so it will be fine.

just like you kids day to day tv on all day.
will this be your primary TV? for movies etc..
will you need 3d?
what is your viewing distance?
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Thanks for the reply. Main TV wise I'm not sure. Very happy with the Philips but if the new TV has similar or better picture quality I'll probably make it the main one. The Philips is only 42" (biggest I can go in that room) so a 50-55" would be nice.

Kids want 3D as they go to the cinema often enough and love it, so it looks like 3D it is then. They will also be using it for gaming,PS3, Wii and Xbox with Kinect etc so they'll be well spread out in the room.

Viewing distance I will be pretty far back when viewing it. Roughly 16ft or so but wife does not want a PJ. Tried to convince her but no joy :thumbsdow


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my concideration list:

Samsung UE55ES6800 (best bang for buck in my eyes)
Samsung UE60ES6300 good few £££ more but just lower on range, not sure if its worth it
Samsung UE55F6800 the ES does what i need the F may be just extra money for nothing much more in my case.

its the first time ive been in this position. when i bought my last 46 we were at the old house and so was the main TV.

now we have the PJ for the wow stuff. and the TV will be for general day to day. no bells and whistles needed, but at this size you get the usual connectivity and the reviews havent been to bad on the Samsung UE55ES6800.

too far to game even at 55" for me. but my 46 ispefectly visable even to watch movies when we couldnt be bothered to watch on the PJ so the 55" will be a small upgrade in size, nothing to shout about but just nice

having spent lots of money on various bits i think ive done alright. not going top end but jusrt above middle to get a whole setup thats very good. trying to get the balance as my house refurb is a never ending cost.


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Hard to know what to do ....get a 2012 Tv with a few £££ of it, or hold on to the 2013 releases and see what they are like. Room won't be fully ready until July so might hold on and see what the market it like then.

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