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Hi All,

I've currently got a 2012 Panasonic TX-P50ST50. It has been brilliant (and it still is!) - I'm very much into deep inky blacks on screens, and this delivers in droves (also hence why I have avoided LED panels till now) - however with the dreaded burn-in (I game quite a bit), 5 years later, the whites are looking a bit murky, so I think it might be time...

My expectations are high, but my budget isn't - so as you imagine; I'm willing to compromise on features, and don't mind having previous years models, so as below the key things are:
  • Between 50" and 55" in size (I'm actually limited in space to around 125cm width)
  • High IQ, with good blacks, and as little stutter/trailing/artifacts as possible (I'm used to essentially zero visible artifacts with the Panny).
  • A low input lag, or a 'gaming mode' that lowers the input lag.
Currently I have no 4K sources - so this isn't a big deal to me, however I imagine majority of panels that fit my criteria will have 4K anyway.

Budget? I'd like to stay within the £1500 mark - if I can get it under £1000, even better!

Thanks for any suggestions you may have! And remember, keeping the Panny and saving to up my budget IS an option! :)


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After seeing some other threads where you had a reply - I had a feeling this answer was coming - I've also read some of your awesome threads, and needless to say I'm going to go and view the B6 - I think it pretty much hits the nail on the head!

The only other panel I've seen you mention which caught my eye was the LG 55EG910V - it's curved, and that does put me off a bit, but it is £500 cheaper - the lack of HDR isn't an issue for me due to my distance from the screen being over 2m.

Thanks for helping!!


Be a bit careful with UHD and HDR. It's UHD when distance matters, HDR itself can be benefited from regardless of distance. Given the price of the B6 now compared to when it was released, plus the fact you'll get HDR support and lower input lag with the B6 I'd say it's worth the extra right now.

The only thing against the B6 vs the 910 will be the quality of standard definition content.


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The only thing against the B6 vs the 910 will be the quality of standard definition content.
yep. 910v, the TV of choice for discerning middle-aged BBC 4 watching fuddy-duddys, like me :D

the 910v is an excellent choice for those of us without the inclination or expectation of watching any UHD content for a while. However, Dodge is correct, the B6 is an absolute steal at the moment at half the price it was on release. If you game it's ready for next gen consoles and all the UHD content that goes with them.

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