50" 1080P Plasma £700 which one?


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We've looked at LG PS503000 and a Samsung 50PSB530S, not much in it with PQ so prefered the phyisical look of the LG.
However both have polished rather than matt finish screens which is an absolute no no in my book because of screen reflection.

Are there any units out there with a matt finish around same price?



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im also on the look out for a 50" 1080p plasma for sub £700 so any info would be great:smashin:


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Someone corrects me if i am wrong but by definition, plasma will always have a glass front, which is inherently reflective. This IS one of the rare issues with plasmas, but:

- the effect depends on the configuration of the room and where the light sources/windows are. Obviously, the darker the room, the less the effect.

- some TV have an anti-reflective coating that somewhat reduces the problem, I know my PQ6000 has one but not sure about the PS3000.

You may have to look at LCD for a better solution.


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