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50” Pani TH-50PHD7 and HDMI Board

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Vielgrader, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Vielgrader

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    Apr 4, 2001
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    :mad: Just a quick warning!

    I have recently installed the above combination and connected it to a Denon DVD-2910 via HDMI cable. The intention was to upscale PAL DVDs to 720P or 1080i and benefit from the better resolution.

    My first tests with the Ultimate DVD Platinum test disk were very encouraging with incredibly smooth images and amazing colour rendition. After some calibrations I popped in a Region 2 DVD. To my absolute horror, I discovered that upscaled images cannot be displayed in 50 Hz, i.e. the HDMI board can only synch to 576p/50 signals. All other resolutions have to be 60 Hz, i.e. 480p/60, 720p/60 and 1080i/30. The Ultimate DVD worked in upscaled format because it is Region 0 and mastered in NTSC 60 Hz.

    :lease: So, dear Panasonic, is there a software upgrade for the £ 150 HDMI board or do we have to put up with hardware that is not HD ready, not HD-PAL compatible and wont display Sky HD HDCP-protected broadcasts?
  2. GranPremio


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    Been covered a number of times on here - and with much interest. I have the same screen, bought with the knowledge of the 50Hz issues. There seems to be no solution on the horizon from Panasonic, the 8 series due in the autumn will be 50Hz compatible, but the boards will not work on the 7 series. Workrounds are one of the following:

    a) buy a scaler, improve your SD pictures and conduct a frc (Frame Rate Conversion) from 50Hz to 60Hz. Some people cannot put up with the 'judder' when panning caused by FRC, but I have seen good and bad examples of it. I guess you need to try before you buy!

    b) I currently have two different makes of HDMI (HDCP compliant) to VGA converters that work with the Denon 3910, so should with the 2910 I guess. I am still testing these, but they seem to handle most resolutions thrown at them, at both 50Hz and 60Hz. Not a digital solution, but to be honest, I prefer a well calibrated VGA picture to the HDMI on my 50PHD7.

    Option a) costs just under a grand, option b) about £225. I guess as SKY HD gets ever closer there will be numerous other solutions to the issue as well.


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