5 year FMJ warranty

Timmy C

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I was hoping those of you who have filled out and sent in their warranty cards for FMJ stuff could tell me how long it takes to get confirmation of the 5 year warranty. I had two Arcam reply envelopes with different postcodes and I'm wondering if I sent it in the wrong one!



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i sent in my info for my av8 and p7 and got 2 confirmations for the av8. i never got one for the -7

i got the dv27a a few months later, registered, and never got a confirmation for that either

Timmy C

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Am I right in thinking without the confirmation number you haven't got your 5 year warranty?


Hmm, I was told by my dealer when my AV8 went bang after just short of two years that I was lucky as the warranty period lasted two years.



Timmy C

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As far as I'm aware in the case of FMJ stuff you get two years standard and a further 3 years when you complete the warranty card and get some kind of confirmation code sent back to you.


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I did my 27A online and like above got nothing after a few months I email support and my 5 year warranty certificate number followed a few days latter in the post.


I'm still awaiting the confirmation on my DV29 that I bought back in October.
I would assume that as long as you have registered you will have the 5 year warrenty



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hmmmmmmmm, I've had nothing either, 18 months for me. I can feel an email to Arcam coming on



Add me to the list. I registered online for my DV29 in October and my AV8 in November. Some time back, I received the certificate for the AV8 but nothing so far on the DV29. Like Highlanders, I have been meaning to email the company and ask why I received one but not the other.

Yannis Koliavas

I had my FMJ CD33 on line registered in August 2004 and about 40 days later I received a reply containing the 5 year warranty card.
Lucky me! :)

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