5 Piece Speakers Sets for Yamaha HTR-5930 - Recommendations please



Hey, I likely have posted this in the wrong spot, if so, could a moderator or someone please move it, thanks.

Now, I'm a MAJOR noobie when it comes to Home Theater Systems, I was planing on buying a real HTS(seperate av receiver, speakers/sub, dvd player ect.) however I have very little knowledge about these things. I was planing on buying the Yamaha HTR-5930 -


But have no real clue on what speakers or sub(powered sub prefered) to pair with it. My uses for it include PS3/DVD/Cable(for now). Note that this is going inside my bedroom(12x12). My reason for getting the HTR 5930 is because of the digital inputs, the 0.06 THD(which lower is better if I remember correctly) and the good reviews it got, plus I can get a deal through my friend who told me he'd cut $100 out of the price:D. It's basic, and should fit my needs just fine, if you have any better recommendations, please let me know.

But, my main concern is getting good quality speakers(just speakers, sub is not a requirement, but either way) for it, for around $200, if that's even possible.

Thanks in advanced, any info I forgot to mention let me know and I'll post it.

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