5 metre subwoofer lead ?


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I need a new 5 metre subwoofer cable but the choice seems mind boggling I don't much about these leads, is a cheap lead bad or is it does it not make a difference?
It will be going to a 300w epos sub woofer driven by a Yamaha rx675 if that should make a different.

Any suggestions for a lead/cable would be great. Thanks:smashin:


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Amazon basic is what I use. I use 15 and 10m runs for two subs.


A very cheap and unshielded lead is bad. Once you get to a decent build quality you should be ok.

I use AmazonBasics as well for my four subs. They're well built and shielded so they're absolutely fine.


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Amazon are reported to be good, for a reasonable step up without breaking the bank SVS sound path leads are now available in the uk.

£66 for 15m for memory

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