5 channel power amp with auto off?

Hi all. Any ideas if any of the 5 channel amps out there have a sleep mode where they power down on no signal? My Sony Pre doesn't have auto off and I'm forever leaving it switched on meaning the power amp is always running hot and using loads of electricity.

Is there an amp that will shut itself off if it doesn't get any input for like 10 minutes? I'm not talking about remote 12v switching, just detecting signal through the inputs and switching itself down if there is none for a while?

Steve Collier

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Linn AV amps do this. The AV5125 has recently been superseded but that doesn't stop it being the great 5ch amp it once was regarded as. I imagine the price has now dropped to £1000 to£1500. If you want to pay more then the newer equivalent would be C5100, available in models from 2 to 6 channels


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Don't the new NAD amps have this facility? (As well as 12v switching)




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Parasound amps dont, you need a 12v trigger. I have a 2205 and had to build a 12v power supply trigger to run through the action switches on my Tag pro to give me auto power on and off :)


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I never turn my amp off, the inital surge when you turn it on greatly reduces the life of the thing, so why bother, if there is no signal it should run pretty cool and not use too much juice anyway.


Thunder said:
Parasound amps dont, you need a 12v trigger ...

Well, yes, the Parsounds do. I have a couple Parasound amps, A52 (5-ch) and A23 (2-ch). You can either use the 12v trigger to switch either amp on/stdby-mode, or you can opt for auto sensing. With auto sensing, if a signal is sent from the pre/pro, the Parasound amp wakes up and amplifies it. If there is nothing coming from the pre/pro for (I forget) 12-minutes(?) the amp goes back to sleep. The sensitivity of the sensing is adjustable with a control on the back of the amp.

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