5 Cable Out put to old 3 cable input on TV


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I have a Wii output cable that has 5 connectors on the end. 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 White and 2 Red connectors. I want to connect it to an old plasma screen that has a Yellow, Red and White connector on it.

I have tried various options but I cant get it to work - any suggestions?



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You've got a component video plus stereo audio cable which will not marry up to composite video plus stereo audio sockets - well the audio will :) You need a different cable or some other way of connecting that one. Does the TV not have component inputs ? Which model is it ?



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Hi, its an old plasma, one with a seperate box for all the connections! I will head off and buy a new connector! Thanks for the quick reply - much appreciated!


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The wii should have come with the cable that is compatible with your tv...

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