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I have an LG42LC3R connected to a Sigmatek XS700 Pro HD DVD player and a Panasonic TU-DSB30 Skydigibox. All connected and working OK.
My problem is with a purchase of a Clatronic SLS693 amplifier and 5.1 /2.1surround system. With the skydigibox left and right sound outputs connected to the 2.1 channel inputs I get sound through all five speakers with subwoofer.
However when I connect the DVD player to the six cinch plugs and switch to 5.1 all I get are the front speakers and subwoofer. I think I have tried all the various sound and speaker settings but with no success . I swapped over the DVD player for my old one but still only sound from the two front speakers . I have tried various CDs but all the same.
Is 5.1 dependant on the media being played or is there something wrong with the setup. Help would be much appreciated.


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Is 5.1 dependant on the media being played or is there something wrong with the setup. Help would be much appreciated.

Yes, it's dependant on media - CDs are stereo. You may have some upmixing modes on your amp, 'all channel stereo' etc. Also, there are some fake-surround modes that decode a stereo source to surround speakers, like Dolby Prologic etc, but I think that depends on whether prologic information is muxed into the audio source.

Also, if you only hook stuff up via red and white phono leads, they only carry stereo, so the best you'll get is prologic - you should be using optical or coax (or the DVD multichannel connections) to carry 'proper' surround info like Dolby Digital. Make sure your DVD player is actually outputting surround sound, it may have some output settings buried in a menu somewhere where you have to choose between outputting bitstream or PCM etc.

DVD is probably the best thing to test it with, since most of them have Dolby Digital soundtracks, but check the back of the DVD case to make sure it does actually have a 5.1 soundtrack, and check the DVD setup menu (or push the 'audio' button on your DVD to cycle through soundtracks), to make sure it's actually selected, since it may have a stereo and a surround track.

Also, the rear speakers are only used for effects in movies, so make sure you're watching something that will use them - if you watch an arthouse film where people just stand around talking throughout the whole thing, then it may not really use the rears much if at all, even though it's technically mixed for 5.1 - chuck in a big blockbuster with action scenes where stuff is flying around from all sides, LoTR/Star Wars/James Bond etc.

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